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Education Paths

This page shows you the different educational stages so that you can see which paths you should take to achieve your dream job in the forestry and wood sector. You can follow the arrows in the information chart below to see the opportunities open to you after middle school, which qualifications you will have at the end of your chosen secondary school path and which further options are available to you for your future. In the text below we go into further detail about the different training options available in South Tyrol such as the advantages that an apprenticeship or a high school will bring and the main features covered in the new vocational bachelor degree in wood engineering at the University of Bozen-Bolzano. If you are interested in international training institutions, we recommend you check out our Worldwide Databank.
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Apprenticeship / Dual system or full time education

Certain professional trades in commerce and in the service sector, in handicrafts, industry, hospitality and in agriculture, can be learned via the traditional apprenticeship route. Training lasts three or four years depending on the profession and ends with the final apprenticeship examination.

You can become an apprentice if you:

  • are between 15 and 24
  • and, if you are not yet 18, you have passed the middle school final examination.

Apprenticeship training is carried out in two places of learning: at the firm offering the training and at the vocational school. On-the-job training takes up around 80% of the time. You will be supported by a trainer in the training firm, whilst the rest of the time will be spent at the vocational school.

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The following professions in the forestry and wood sector are open to you if you have passed your final apprenticeship examination

After three years of apprenticeship: horticulturalist in a tree nursery, wood turner, 'hafner', woodwind instrument maker, machine carver, sawyer
After four years of apprenticeship: roofer, figure painter, wood sculptor, wood carver, joiner/cabinetmaker, decorating sculptor, carpenter
Occupational specialising apprenticeship: restorer of furniture and wooden objects


Vocational colleges

The appropriate vocational colleges for wood technology are the LBS Tschuggmall in Brixen und die LBS Zuegg in Meran.

You will find further information about the various courses, registration periods and timetables on their websites.
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High School

Grammar schools, technical colleges and vocational training in South Tyrol

High schools prepare young people for a successful life in society, in their studies and in the work place. In addition to imparting a solid base of general knowledge, they teach linguistic, artistic, technical or pedagogical subjects specific to the type of school and they maintain contacts with extracurricular partners.

High schools in South Tyrol are divided into grammar schools and technical colleges. Education in each case lasts five years and ends with the state final examination (matura). After high school, school leavers enter the world of work or start their university studies. Together with the ten state vocational schools and the eight state technical colleges, high schools make up the upper stage of schooling in South Tyrol.

The technical colleges offering training in the forestry and wood sector are:
Fachoberschule für Landwirtschaft und Wirtschaftsfachoberschule in Auer
Realgymnasium Bozen und Fachoberschule für Bauwesen "Peter Anich" in Bozen

Technical colleges for forestry and agriculture:
Fachschule für Land- und Hauswirtschaft 'Mair am Hof' in Dietenheim
Fachschule für Land- und Hauswirtschaft 'Salern' in Vahrn/Salern
Fachschule für Landwirtschaft 'Fürstenburg' und Hauswirtschaft 'Kortsch'


Vocational bachelor degree in wood engineering
This new vocational training bachelor degree in wood engineering at the Fee University of Bozen-Bolzano, which took its first students in September 2018, will teach vocationally relevant interdisciplinary skills for work in the field of the processing and treatment wood with a particular focus on production processes, process optimisation, development as well as management at the technical and administrative level.

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