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The wooden wall clock

Watches made of wood are not only trendy on the wrist. There are also sustainable time indicators for the wall. Tafinity is our young brand from South Tyrol - we, a master carpenter, a draughtsman, a technician and our sales talent, are taf-laser. We manufacture the wall wooden clocks in the Ulten Valley. We focus on genuine craftsmanship, combining tradition and future, inspired by our "huamet" (home). The special connection with our origins and our language can even be literally read from the dial of some of the wooden watches: with hour indications in South Tyrolean dialect and even in the orignal Ultner dialect (Tafinity alternate).

For our Tafinity wooden wall clocks we exclusively use certified natural wood and use high-quality quartz movements. A Tafinity designer watch is much more than just a fashion accessory for your home. The wooden wall clocks are a real piece of nature, they are sustainable and are produced ecologically. Our wooden clocks are available in different types of wood. The wall clocks in walnut and apple wood are additionally protected with a natural varnish (high-quality vegetable oil), so the special grain is even more effective. The clock body of our wall clock models is always made of wood, for the dials we use wood (Swiss stone pine, walnut, oak, apple wood, etc.), natural stone, natural surfaces in hay, rose, meadow look, anodized aluminum and many other unique materials.

All clocks made of wood darken with the time. Our wooden wall clocks are made in South Tyrol/Italy and can not only be bought in the online shop, but also in many shops. Tafinity stands for the "huamet feeling". Tafinity stands for unique looks for your home. Our wooden wall clocks are classics, timeless unicums - each of them is unique.

Tafinity. The wooden wall clock. Your personal piece of South Tyrol.
Technical informations
Product lines: finest, alternate, finest
Dimensions: Ø33x33cm
weight: 300-1600g
Case: Wood (Swiss stone pine, walnut, oak, apple, etc.)
Dial: Wood and/or special materials (natural stone, natural surfaces in hay, rose, alpine meadow look, anodised aluminium and many other unique materials).
Movement: noiseless quartz movement, crawling second
Display: Analog
Hands: birch, white
Second hand: anodized aluminium, red
Made in South Tyrol

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