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legno massiccio holzius Rubner natura ecologia Alto Adige
Arnold Ritter

Self-archic wooden house

San Genesio (I)

This single-family house was designed and built with entrepreneurial foresight. Nature has been taken as an example, for a sustainable and rational use of resources. With the use of holzius solid wood walls and without the use of glues and metal parts, the building is an excellent example as an energy-saving and green building.

For the production of the solid wood elements, 100 tons of wood were processed from the nearby forest for walls, ceilings, wooden beams and roof. The high degree of prefabrication and the extremely precise processing of the components, the construction was completed in a very short time.
Working with nature means also using wood and solar energy.
For clients, the use of this form of energy is essential in order to bring the building's energy balance to zero.
The building's electrical and thermal energy requirements derive from 18 solar thermal panels plus 18 photovoltaic modules. A sun-water heat pump with a rainwater collection basin (75,000 litres) completes the system. The tank is used not only during periods of drought, but also as an energy store. Through the heat pump, the energy stored in the water can be used for underfloor heating until it freezes.
Clay and natural wood predominate in the interior cladding. Porous, untreated surfaces ensure optimum moisture control. The electrical system has been designed according to biological criteria to avoid electrosmog. Digitisation is fine, but the technological systems installed must guarantee the health of the inhabitants, and they must not be completely dependent on the technology. Thus, the young family lives in a modern, technological building, without renouncing to healthy living.
Design / Contstruction
Photo material
Arnold Ritter
Technical informations
Year of implementation: 2017
Type of construction: holzius solid wood elements without the use of glues and metal parts
Energy classification: Casa Clima Gold
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