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Lobis Böden Alto Adige pavimento listelli legno
Christian Gufler


Wooden floors for residential buildings

LobiTEC the wooden terrace with screws and concealed substructure

The building is a modern building, consisting of apartments with two, three - and four rooms. A selection of floors from our different production lines - Lobi-STIL, Lobi-ART, Lobi-AGE, Lobi-TEC - have been installed. Our patented Lobi-TEC terrace system offers numerous technical and aesthetic advantages: through the invisible fixing system and the special connection of the heads, elements can be created for infinite terraces, in any environment. The high-quality natural Lobi-STIL planks are particularly impressive for their different widths and lengths. The different formats available give the rooms a special touch, to fulfil special wishes for each customer - colours, assortments as well as lengths and widths. Lobi-ART wide plank floors are particularly attractive because of their effects on large surfaces, where the raw material wood is able to express all its charm through its grain. Thanks to the different surface treatments, this floor is very versatile and suitable for any living room. Herringbone floors, Lobi-AGE, are appreciated for their ancient beauty and unique aesthetics. Lobi-AGE reinterprets the historical charm in a building. Brushed, bevelled and large-format surfaces give the floor a contemporary touch.
Technical informations
Completion date: 2017
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